Being able to achieve closure with the loss of your beloved pet is very important to us.  For that reason, we return your pet's remains to you as soon as possible, usually no more that 2 business days.  For our own peace of mind, we will gladly explain our six point identification process, cremation procedures, answer any questions, and do whatever we can to make this difficult time as easy as possible.

Our hours are by appointment only, Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm.   We also provide twenty-four hour message service to assist you after our regular hours, weekends, or holidays.


Individual Cremation

Your beloved pet is cremated individually. The ashes you receive are all of your pet's ashes and only your pet's ashes. Your pet's ashes will be returned in our standard container (pictured below) covered with a burgundy velvet bag. 


Return of Remains

Being able to achieve closure with the loss of your beloved pet is very important to us. For that reason, we return your pet's ashes to you as soon as possible, usually no more than two business days. Your pet's ashes will be returned in our standard container covered with a burgundy velvet bag and also includes a Rainbow Bridge bookmark. We can deliver your pet's ashes back to your veterinarian, you may pick them up at our office, we can ship remains, or we can return them to your home (within 30 miles of our office).

Witnessed Cremation

You are welcome to be present for the cremation of your beloved pet. This is only for those people that want individual cremation. We do ask that you call ahead and make arrangements prior to cremation. The process may take up to several hours and will depend on staffing and equipment availability. We only offer this service during regular business hours Monday thru Friday and the cremation process must be completed before we close.

Communal Cremation

If you do not wish to receive your pet's ashes back, we also offer a communal (group) cremation. Pets are cremated in a group and we scatter or bury the ashes in the country. No ashes are returned to the owner and no ashes are ever sent to the landfill.

Home Services

Should you need us to come to your home after the death of your pet, we can schedule a time to meet you at your residence within 30 miles of our office. We offer this service during regular business hours and as part of our after hours service.

Mobile Vet Referral

If you plan to have your pet euthanized at home and/or your regular veterinarian is unavailable, we may be able to refer you to a mobile veterinarian in your area. These wonderful veterinarians are not affiliated with Faithful Friends; however they are people that we trust with your beloved family member.

Grief Counselor

We understand the difficulty of losing a beloved family member. We realize that grief is different for everyone and sometimes you must have an outlet and understanding ear. The counselors that we recommend, although not affiliated with Faithful Friends, truly understand the human-animal bond and the grieving process.


A lasting tribute to memorialize your special pet is always available.  We offer an extensive selection of wooden, metal, ceramic, resin and marble urns in a variety of price ranges that we commonly stock.  We also offer engraved name plates, laser engraving and custom engraving as well. 

For those that wish to bury their pet (or pet's ashes) at home, we also offer a small selection of caskets and burial makers.

Please allow additional time for delivery when ordering engraving, custom work, or urns not commonly stocked.


Please contact us for cremation pricing. Pricing is determined by weight and type of cremation.

*Residential pick up within 30 miles of our office during regular business hours is $50.

*After hours service is $75.

*Autopsy (necropsy) service is $145.

This fee includes transportation to Rollins Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab., the necropsy, pick up after the necropsy. It does not include cremation which is required, residential pickup or any other associated fees. Cremation is mandatory once your pet has been sent to Rollins Lab. per state law. Owners are not permitted to pick up their pet once submitted to Rollins Lab.